Qatar-Russia Investment & Trade Advisory

Fostering robust cross-border economic ties

Qatar-Russia Investment and Trade Advisory (QRITA) is the business advisory arm of the Qatari-Russian Center for Cooperation (QRCC). QRITA supports and facilitates proactive development of concrete deals and connections between the markets of Qatar and Russia, as well as the broader regions. To this end, the team works closely with the stakeholders of many governmental, commercial and developmental institutions and enterprises in both countries

Under the auspices of

Two key markets: Qatar and Russia

QRITA’s activities are primarily focused on the Qatari and Russian markets, building off the team’s comprehensive experience and knowledge across the full range of advisory services.

High proficiency and in-depth expertise

Extensive international expertise and professional competencies in both markets make QRITA the unique go-to advisor and a signature partner for all investment and trade-related opportunities.

Fully-customized support

QRITA established a direct business corridor between Qatar and Russia as a single window of tailor-made support for business development, investment and market expansion for clients in both countries.


Investment and M&A Advisory

Сross-border investment and M&A transactions advisory

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Import / Export Deals Support

Full-range support of Russian and Qatari exporters, importers and distributors

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Business Representation

Representation of interests for entities, corporations and businesses in both Qatari, Russian and regional markets

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Business Missions

Execution and turnkey support of business missions

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Business Development

Tailored business development assignments

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Incorporated under the auspices of the Qatari-Russian Center for Cooperation, QRITA aims to create the most favorable and growth inducing conditions for businesses in Qatar and Russia. We devise ongoing global strategies for those seeking international growth, with laser-focused and results-driven execution.


Our mission is to develop and strengthen the bilateral economic ties between the State of Qatar and the Russian Federation. We are committed to building reliable, mutually beneficial, and long-term relations between our countries by fostering a prosperous and business-friendly environment for all market participants.

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